Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lover Unleashed Release Day!!

Here at Gutter Girls we're celebrating our Beloved Brotherhood Warriors being back today in Lover Unleashed (lets take a moment or two to swoon. ahhhh) We will finally get some new BDB crack, it's been far too long since Lover Mine.

SO! Tuesdays eye candy is the sexy gloved glowing Warrior: VISHOUS!

Sorry Manny, i know it's your book, but its the kinky brother i most want to see *grins*

- Gutter Girls

we missed you V! we did! *hops up onto his table*

you just know that smirk is saying "i've got a paddle, whip, black candle wax and a gimp mask, and im not afraid to use 'em" swoon. sigh. SWOON!