Monday, 2 August 2010

Manly Monday- Drake Vireo

My book boyfriend love afair with Drake Vireo satrted many years ago when I fisrt read Katie MacAlister's You Slay Me, the first of the Aisling Grey Guardian Books and I fell completely head over bookboyfriend heels into lust with the possessive and grouchy leader of the green dragons. This is one of my favourite scenes from the book, it is their first kiss, I love how the chemistry sissles, how she doesn't back down, the inuendo and how she literally takes his breath away.It is also when he discovers that he is more than just attracted to her, she is his mate.

If you have never read these books, go find them!

Minxy out!

A smile flirted with his lips. Dangerous lips, I reminded myself as my heart started beating faster. He might be a dragon, he might be someone whose name instilled
fear in other people, but boy howdy, he sure turned my crank. "Are you by any chance threatening me?"

I lifted my chin even higher. "Only if you intend on making things hard."

His gaze raked me as he took in the pretty poppy dress."Things are already hard, sweetheart."
My knees almost melted at the double entendre, but I stiffened them and reminded my libido that he was a thief who had cruelly stolen my aquamanile and left me at the mercy of the gendarmes. "I doubt you're going to die from hauling a little wood," I said, purposefully misinterpreting his statement. "Let's stick to the point, shall we? You have my dragon. I want it back."

"I am immortal, Aisling—I cannot die. You, however, are refreshingly mortal." As he spoke, his fingers slid around my neck until his hand was gripping me in. a hold that was borderline strangling.

The silence in the club was so thick, you could have cut it with a piece of toast.
"You can huff and puff and breathe fire on me all you want, Drake," I said, my voice hoarse as his fingers slowly squeezed the air from my windpipe. I kept my chin up, my gaze firmly on his. "I'm not going to back down. I am not afraid of you."
"No? We shall see about that, shall we?" He moved closer, and every nerve in my body screamed a warning, but I just stood there as he pulled me to him, his arms hard as steel behind me, his mouth swooping down to claim mine. One part of my mind protested the fact that he was kissing me in full sight of everyone in the bar; the other part felt a moment of fear flare to life as I understood the true
relationship between a dragon and his fire.

Heat burst through me the second his lips touched mine, the flames of his desire scorching me, licking along my skin until it started infernos within me. Pinpricks of sweat formed along my brow and spine as his fever consumed us, wrapping me in a searing cocoon of fire that stripped the air from my lungs. His tongue touched mine, and the heat that swept through me started to boil my blood. My flesh caught fire.

Smoke from my body and the incandescent shimmer in the green eyes before me obscured my vision. I was dying, burning from the inside out, Drake's fire setting every atom within me alight. Just as I knew I was literally going to burst into flames, something miraculous happened. A door within my mind opened, a doorI didn't know was there, one tucked away in the dark recesses of my consciousness. The door opened, and suddenly I had leashed the fire, controlled it, changed it from a destructive element that was meant to consume me into something that added fuel to the desire that flared between us. I turned the fire back on Drake and began to kiss him in return, reveling in the power that was flowing through me as if I were a conduit. He jerked but didn't stop the torturously wonderful touch of his mouth.

Everyone was still watching us, I knew, but that didn't stop me from leaning into Drake and rubbing my hips against him, fitting all my soft curves to the hard planes of his body. I wanted him, all of him, his fire and his body and his soul, right then and there, and I hate to imagine what would have happened if Drake hadn't had the strength of purpose to pull back from me. Unable to look away—let alonethink —I
stared into his eyes, seeing the flickers of our shared fire in their emerald depths mingled with something that looked very much like surprise, surprise that quickly changed into speculation. Slowly, atom by atom, the fire he'd started within me dropped down to a simmer.

"I believe that round goes to you," he said softly, his voice thrumming through me, threatening to stir the newly banked embers.

I untangled my fingers from his hair and took a step backwards, extremely aware of the voyeurism that I had paid no mind a moment ago. "Yeah, well, maybe you'll think twice about messing with me again," I said with bravado I didn't feel, gritting my teeth over the shakiness of my voice.

From Katie MacAlister's You Slay me

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday

A Minxy original, I hope you like it.... *nervously blushes*

She gasped as she felt a hand slide up her naked body, he was early, smiling she woke fully and found she was bound to the headboard with velvet restraints, a blindfold round her eyes, her legs tied but with enough movement so that she could bend her legs. She knew if she spoke he would gag her, and she smiled. He knew just what she liked.

Her legs were pushed up and allowed to fall open laying her bare to his gaze, the anticipation was making her wet, her nipples tight nubs, her breasts swollen in pleasure and he hadn’t even begun yet. Something cold and wet splashed onto her breasts, champagne she thought as the bubbles teased her skin; it ran in rivulets down her torso, as more was poured onto her stomach, its slight curve forcing the liquid down into the swollen folds of her bare pussy.

She gasped as ice was rubbed onto her nipples, first one then the other, they were impossibly tight, begging for attention, but she knew she would have to wait for that. The ice followed the trail of liquid down her stomach; she waited, knowing what would happen. She moaned as it circled her clit, she could feel the heat of her clit melting it and its wetness mixing with her own. She mewled and arched as the melting ice cube was inserted into her slick channel.

She pulled against the restraints as she arched up looking for him, the she felt it, his breath, cold on her wet skin, she felt her skin pucker in delight as he followed the wet trail he had made, but still he didn’t touch her.

She was hot, panting in anticipation and wet, she could feel it dripping down her. Her left toes twitched as something flicked at them then moved up her leg, a feather. She sighed as the feather stroked her dry skin. Each fluffy finger teasing her, she was so turned on, then she felt it, them. Two hands, one gloved in velvet the other in leather. The velvet mitt polished her skin as the leather rubbed it, the leather glove circling her nipples, brushing them and making her moan, before pinching them. She arched up into his touch and felt his lips brush a nipple as the leather glove headed south.

A warm mouth tugged on a cold nipple as leather clad fingers rubbed her slit, she moaned and pulled on the restraints, trying to remain still but failing, stilling as the tongue and fingers stopped, smiling when they started again. As the mouth changed nipples three of the leather clad fingers began to fuck her, the thumb against her clit as he feasted at her breasts, the velvet glove rubbing at her hip.

She fought the sensations, knowing she wasn’t to come until he told her, breathing deeply and tamping it down as she got closer, the rise and fall of her chest giving away how close she was, but he refused to relent, nipping her nipples with his teeth and ripping a strangles moan from her. She could picture the smile on his face, so smug, but she didn’t care, she was so fucking close.

Just as she thought she would implode the sensation suddenly stopped.

She felt him cover her, her legs opened even wider, cradling his hips as he positioned himself at her entrance, so close to heaven she thought as he slowly fed his cock into her, teasing her, withdrawing and then pushing a little further, she whimpered, she couldn’t help it. The leather glove flicked her clit, before he plunged inside, lifting her hips to give him further depth. He was a perfect fit, so thick he rubbed all sided. She mewled in pleasure as he pumper harder, faster, deeper.

So close.

Hers! All Hers!

He leaned over her, his pelvis rubbing her clit with each thrust as he lowered her to the bed, putting his weight onto his hands as he thurst, again and again, relentless. With each thrust she spiralled higher, aware over every touch every sensation until it all overwhelmed her and the dam burst, screaming out, clamping down on him, contracting her muscles just as he liked it even as her channel spasmed, milking him as he roared and erupted in her.

He collapsed down on top of her, careful to keep most of his weight off her as he removed the blindfold and kissed her lips. “Hi honey I’m home,” he said smiling down at her.

“Tris,” she breathed, her heart fluttering under her lovers attention.