Monday, 31 May 2010

★Gutter Girl Forum★

 Hello Ladies!
Minx and I have made a nice sparkly new playground for the Gutter Girls to play in and would like to invite you all to join.
We request your privacy and your right to look at cute candies and talk like a Gutter Girl so rest assured we have made a secure private Forum for you to enjoy.

Come and see my Harem boys.
Come and steal Minxy's Tower menz (hehe!)

Do you have a stash of Book Boyfriends you love to talk about ?
Can talk books for hours on end?
Like fun, games, music, recipes, graphics, chatting ?
Want to post/look at pictures of cute menz ?

Then the Gutter Girl Forum is for you!!

To register click HERE

We're looking forward to seeing you around our playground. Have Fun!



Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Raphael v Illium

"Roll up roll up and welcome to Friday Night's Fight Night! Something a little different tonight, we are having a science fiction theme, with flimsy sets and doors which go woosh when they open. Tonight we also have use of a transporter pad, we can energise people in and people out, same with things.... Bear, I know I seem to ask this every week, but.... why are you naked? The transporter made you naked? Bear are you sure you were wearing clothes when you stepped into it? It ate them... ok. Better luck next time! I see most of you managed to get here clothed, Jay I like the costume, cyber vamp, very sexy, it is amazing what you can do with two strips of duct tape... I hope it comes off easily. Bear! Stop fighting and let them clip the drool bib round you and I will let you sit on the chair with the new batteries. Good Bear!

"Tonight we have battling Angels! Raphael v Illium! I see we have some Bluebell supporters in tonight, and lots of Raphael supporters too. Now boys to even this up no Angel fire.... and you do seem over dressed, where is that energiser zapper? There, naked, much better. The rules, lots of rubbing, wrestling and straddling, no gouging or spitting.... it is a disgusting habit and I just won't have it. You do something that breaks the rules and I am setting Crazy Legz on you! Look how she sits in the captains chair, her finger poised over the energise button. No corners this week, you will be fighting on that raise glass illuminated dais. Off you go. Ladies video footage from under the dais will be played on the large video screens.

"Angels... on your marks.... get set... FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

"Angel on Angel is sexy, look at them go, Raphel is the first to land a punch which sends Illium reeling, but he is not down for long, a round house knocks Raphael's legs from under him, but wow, Raphael flips and launches himself at Bluebell and slips... how.... nice shot Jay, is that last weeks baby oil pistol? They are on the floor now and rolling round on the baby oil, some punches land put Raphael is on top now, he has straddled Illium and pinned him to the ground.

"Yes Bear, yes you can have a copy of the video.

"Illium is bucking and trying to move Raphael but it's not working. Legz, what are you doing, it's time? Ok...hey Raphael, there is something behind you. Now Legz! Quick Bluebell, you come with me, what do you mean what happened? Crazy Legz just energised Raphael to her spaceship for dessert.... you are mine!

"Ladies... I will see you next week! Minx out."

Friday, 7 May 2010

It's Time for FIGHT NIGHT!

"Welcome Ladies to tonight's Trek Mi Quan inspired Fight Night! This will be a close run fight, both are mean, both are lean and both are warriors! With huge 'swords'! As they are warriors from a different galaxy, Bear, space galaxy not chocolate galaxy and Bear why are you wearing, er that. Umm yes this is a sci fi inspired fight, yes it is true, they going to be fighting on a holographic stage, yes like Star Trek's holodeck but they will have holopants which will disappear, but I still don't understand the outfit. It's a holosuit? Ummm no, Bear I hate to say this, but it's not a holosuit, it's cling film. Oh it is warm, well ok then, get yourself comfy, Jay give her the remote and turn the holograms on. Thankies!

"Bring out the warriors! Innnnnn the red corner the mighty King Kil! Innnnnn the blue corner the sexy Lord Jek! Wow you really are big and big down there I see too, well this is going to be a fun evening, for me at least. No wonder Dak said 'Once you go Dak you'll never go back'. You will be fighting on a gangplank with quarterstaffs. The beam is suspended over a vat of melted galaxy chocolate. Yes Bear, chocolate. Nice timing with the drool bib Jay!

"After 3 fight, 1....2....3...FIGHT! And they are off, Jek makes and attack swinging his stick and looks like his shaft is swinging too, both of them are... ok no words to describe that view, but... ummmmm yummm. I know just which chocolate lollipop I want. Sorry, was distracted for a moment.

"They are too good at this, Kil is parrying Jek's blows and is going on the attack and whilst he appears to be winning, he is not really making any gound. We need more hand on hand. Jay remove the gladiator skirts and the quater staffs. That is better, now we can really see, and oo the wrestling begins! Jek nearly went into the chocolate, but he has grabbed Kil round the waist, well he certainly almost got a mouthful!

"Bear! Stop eating the chocolate and move out of the way... why? Because with a press of this button that plank will vanish. That's right boys you are going to become chocolate platters! In they go!

"Chocolate fondue time ladies! See you next week. Minx out."

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gutter Girls Massive May Day Giveaway! - Update: FINISHED.

Gutter Girls

Button by Bearsy

Yes we at Gutter Girls are having a giveaway! Today in the UK is May Day, traditionally May Day was a celebration of fertility and new birth, the rites of spring, where you dance round a maypole which... yes.... is phallic! *wink* So in light of that and the fact we would like 150 Followers we are giving away some books.

So enter and bring a friend!

What are we giving away?

Firstly a copy of
Published soon and Courtesy of Miss Bear!

A series I love! This is the first book and I want to get someone hooked!

Another fun series!

The giveaway will run for the length of May and if we get more that 150 followers I will throw in a copy of Lover Mine (UK edition)

So how do you enter?

  1. Firsly you must be a follower.

  2. Then comment below about a book boyfriend or book who you're looking forward to reading this year, or, a comment about what book and book BF you have liked so far this year and why. Don't forget to leave a way for us to contact you- email, twitter or blog.

  3. If you want or have gutter girl love in your smutty hearts you can display the button on your blog, oh and if you want to tweet about it feel free!

The contest is international (as long as Book Depository will deliver there- for Darkest Passion)

That's about it... so go forth and bring back friends!

The Gutter Girls

*** Exciting addition!! Jaymzangel has an extra copy of Skin Tight ***

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hooray for Fight Night!

"Welcome ladies to our gladiator edition of fight night! I see everyone has their Black Dagger Brotherhood banners and flags, umm Bear what did you use to make your pennant? Yes Bear it is a very pretty thong but shouldn't you be wearing it, oh it gets in the way, well I guess that makes everything alright. I see Jessica Rabbit has joined you on the special chairs, I must try one of them one week. Tonight is our gladatorial special our two combatants are fighting in the style of galdiators of old, with a bit of TV gladiators and gutter girls thrown in. The old bit is that they will be virtually naked! We have given then the leather gauntlets, sandals, the calf and leg leathers and the straps of the chest plate. But not skirt. Sexy brothers in leather strapping, tackle out, fighting on illuminated podiums with pugel sticks! In other words giant cotton buds and we have infused the ends with baby oil! Each blow will make them all slippy and shiny, and they are fighting over a vat of chocolate mousse.

"Bear! Jay! Back in the chairs! The mousse is for later, and trust me you won't need spoons. Jay do you have the camera ready? Oh Tassi is photographing this evening, ok. I think we are now ready, Bring out the boys! Innnn the red corner the one and only Phury, in the blue corner the mean and moody Zsadist! Both sexy, both mated, both brothers, now we want a nice mean fight! Now get on the podiums! Ladies you have your baby oil guns this week, feel free to use them.

"On three fight, 1....2....3....FIGHT! And they are off the pugel sticks flying as they block and pound each other. And they aren't the only things flying, being brothers, twin brothers, they are both equally endowed and they are flying... and I am being blinded by flash bulbs. Bear! Back on the seat! Jay wipe her chin, please.

"They are having too much fun up there getting out all of their pent up sibling aggression, ladies it is baby pistol time, aim for the podiums, make them slip! There feet are staring to go, and Phury is the first to fall! Focus on Z ladies... and he is down too. Both of them and naked in chocolate mousse... I say we go in and help clean them up! OW! Bear that was my foot! I'm getting in before there is none left. See you next time!"