Saturday, 27 February 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Adam Black v Dageus McKeltar

"Roll up, roll up.... time for the Highland Fling on Gutter Girls! Yes ladies we have ourselves two stars from KM Moning's Highlander series, innnn the blue corner the dark and dangerous Dageus McKeltar and innnn the red corner the sexy and infamous Fae Adam Black! You will see that tonight we have tried to recreate the snow of the highlands and you will be wrestling in foam, that is right ladies we are gonna have us a Foam Partay! Look Bear is foaming at the mouth already! Boys I should warn you to keep Bear happy tonight, you are wearing very little, which is just how we like it! A mini kilt with nothing else, you may have also noticed the unusual digital fastening on them. Bear has the remote and with one press of the button the fastening will open and the kilts will fall! So keep her happy!

"Now boys to your corners and after three fight... 1...2....3....FIGHT! And they are off and so are the kilts! Bear getting button happy, but that could be from the vibrating chair she is bouncing on, but the ladies cheers as both of them kick the kilts to one side and start to fight! The foam is flying and it's not the only thing, trust me ladies, we just got an eyeful and they have NOTHING to be ashamed of! Jaymzangel try to get some close-ups!

"Dageus is on the attack, catching Adam about the waist and throwing him down. But Adam has a firm hold on Dageus and pulls him down of top of him. Mmmmm they are rolling in the foam, some of the ladies have brought water pistols and are using them to clean off parts of their bodies. Bear has a super soaker and seems to have lost her drool bib!

"Adam has risen to the occasion and is on top, he is punching Dageus who manages to block it and hit Adam with an upper cut, stunning him whilst Dageus pushes him off. He is not taking this lying down, he rears up and drags Dageus back down. Dageus turns as Adam pulls and lands on top of him! The foam is making it slippery as they rub against each other, the fists are flying as is the foam and water. Dageus straddles Adam as he pummels him, Adam is lying there stunned as the ladies charge the ring. There are so many of them and they are so excited. They are declaring Dageus the winner and are lifting him onto their shoulders and running off with him. Jamymzangel is helping them and Bear has abandoned her vibrating chair and is running along after them.

"Adam, don't you worry, Minxy will make everything better, lets just go back to my room.... see you next week ladies! Minx out!"

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hello Ladies of the Gutter! 
Beacause i love you smutty Guttergirls i am bringing you a monster Hump Day Bonanza! Not one, not two...but THREE Harem boys for you to toy with this lovely Wednesday Hump day =D

Don't be shy girls...the boys sure arent. ENJOY! && may your day be Hump-a-licious!


SparklyBearsy xoxox

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday Smut Day- Arak part 2

Ok my lovelies, I do hope you enjoy this, apologies if it is not up to last weeks standard, I am still a bit under the weather. This is the second part of the extract you ead last week. Will they save Maggie? You also meet Loki in this extract. The model I use for Loki is...


I hope you enjoy it!

Minx xx

A dressed Arak turned to find Imogen pulling on her coat and grabbing keys, “so where is she?” he grumbled.
“I don’t actually know, all she said was that they were going for a meal at an Italian place he loved,” as she spoke Maggie dragged a mobile phone out of her bag, “but I can ask,” she said grinning.

“Well ask and quickly, because you can guarantee your horny friend out there will be contacting his buddy.” He watched as Imogen’s face paled and she began to push buttons on her phone.

“Maggie, where are you?... No nothing’s wrong,” Imogen looked across at Arak and shrugged as if asking for help, shrugging into his coat he walked over to her to listen into her conversation.

“Does she know about us?” he asked.

Imogen shook her head all the while listening to Maggie, “Mags, MAGS you have to listen to me, just smile, this is important please, everything is fine but I need you to trust me without asking questions now, I promise I will explain everything later, but I need you to be calm and pretend nothing is wrong, can you do that?” Imogen listened to Maggie’s ok and continued, “something has happened with Drew and it is bad Mags, he can’t take it out on me and I think he will get Greg to take it out on you, is Greg with you now?” She listened to Maggie’s reply and turned to Arak whispering, “Greg got a call from Drew a few minutes ago and excused himself, he hasn’t returned.”

Arak nodded, “Tell her to get her bag and go to the ladies, now before he comes back, she must leave her coat as if she is coming back and make sure the wait staff see her, once inside she must lock the door and open it for no-one, I’ll get someone to extract her, but you will owe me big for this and you understand what the payment will be. I’m not bargaining in favours with you, we both know what is needed.” He watched Maggie‘s resigned nod, not his favourite way to get women in bed but he just knew that it was easier for her this way. Something told him without this idea of bargain or danger she would feel guilt in jumping into bed with him. An odd emotion for a wench, but it made it no less true; he was uncertain why, but he didn’t want her to feel guilt.

“She’s at Romano’s it’s about 4 blocks over, she said she was leaving for the bathroom as she hung up, so do we go and get her now?” Imogen asked looking confused as Arak pulled out his phone.

“We don’t, but someone else will.”

“What do you mean we won’t?” Maggie seethed between clenched teeth. “Why can’t you just, you know, poof over there and get her?”

“Because I am on Earth,” Arak replied calmly, “If I had been in Asgard, yeah I could just materialize over there, but when on Earth we are Earth bound, normal transportation unless we return to Asgard and port down again, and yeah I could do that, but it would also mean I’d have to return that way with Maggie and taking Maggie to Asgard could start a whole other problem, as it is she will know about us and will be monitored,” He held his hand up as his phone began to ring, “but Loki has no such restrictions and he owes me, but no doubt I will have to barter.”

“Loki!” Imogen screeched, “You are asking Loki?”

Arak just nodded as he waited for Loki to pick up.

Loki was sitting in a grimy back room of a strip joint with a pile of cash in front of him, a winning flush in his hand and a forgettable blonde on her knees sucking him off. He was having a good night. The blonde was a ploy of the owner, all five of the gamblers had someone bobbing up and down on their cocks, the owner hoped the free oral would distract them from the game. But Loki wasn’t playing by the rules, he was the God of Mischief so why should he, he thought. Loki grinned laid down his winning hand and spurted down the blonde’s throat. “I believe gentlemen that this makes me the winner.” He laughed at the men’s groans and gathered his winnings as his phone rang, tucking himself back into his trousers he stroked the blonde’s head before looking at the caller ID and answering, “Nephew!” he said loudly.

He laughed as he heard Arak’s grunted “You know I hate that,” come out of the phone.

“So what can I do you for nephew?” he asked, listening to Arak’s “I need an extraction” reply. Loki laughed and could almost hear the grimace. “And if I do this for you what is in it for me?” Loki inquired, “Yeah I know I owe you a favour for the tranny, but what is in this for me?” Loki’s eyes hardened as he listened to Arak’s explanation of the incubus infestation. “I’ll get the girl on the condition I get a shot at the wench, if she turns me down fine, but you will not stand in my way or tell her about the deal. Agreed?” Loki grinned as Arak agreed, “give me details of where I can find her,” as he listened Loki buttoned up his flies and bent to kiss the blonde before tweaking her nipple and tucking $500 into her g-string, “yeah, I know the place, her name is Maggie, she’s blonde and she is locked in the bathroom and you want me to take her straight to her home. Deal.” Loki said and hung up.

Standing he gathered his winnings and stuffed them into his pockets. “Gentlemen, as always it has been a pleasure, but I must rescue a damsel in distress.” With that Loki exited the room and on stepping into the shadows promptly disappeared.


Maggie sat nervously on the edge of the toilet seat chewing a finger nail, she didn’t know what was going on, but she got the distinct impression that Imi thought she was in danger. She couldn’t see how, Greg had been the perfect gentleman and lord was he hot! Just thinking about the dream she had of him last night made her panties wet, some of the things she let him do to her in a dream made her blush in real life. Imi must be mistaken but she trusted Imi completely, Maggie hoped Imi would explain this when she got here. Maggie stood and moved over to the door to peek out, it had been five minutes, Greg must be wondering where she was.

“You must be Maggie”

Maggie screamed hearing a deep male voice behind her, turning she saw a gorgeous man dressed in black jeans an old Def Leppard t-shirt and a black velvet jacket sitting in the cistern of the toilet she had vacated. “I... I....” Maggie turned round, “I...”

“Yeah, I have that affect on women quite often,” he stood and gently took hold of her arm while she stood their stunned. “Good impression of a guppie by the way,” he said winking as he blinked them out.

Imogen pulled up outside the small house she shared with Maggie, “I can’t believe you sent Loki!” she said for what seemed like the millionth time.

“I can’t believe your car is the size of a sardine tin, if I am going to be hanging around we are going to need a bigger car,” he moaned as he unfolded himself from it.

“Who said you would be hanging round?” Imogen shouted as she slammed the door and locked it heading for the door of the house.

“Me!” Arak roared as he caught up with her, “unless you’d rather have Loki fix your problem, in fact I could get you a whole army of bersekers to work your way through if you’d rather!”

“Ugh you really are a shit!” she retorted, her face disgusted as she unlocked the front door, she didn’t see Arak grin, she was getting angry and that was having an effect on him, getting wound tighter than a spring. That would help her life force.

“Baby, if you think I am a shit you don’t know me that well, I am a fucking cruel bastard and you fucking love it. Arak laughed as she opened the door then turned and slapped him, she went to close the door on him but he just pushed her inside and slammed the door behind him. “Baby I am going to be around for a while, in you, in your bed, in your life so you’d better get used to it!” With that he grinned and hauled her to him, his mouth slamming down on hers as he dropped her bag and her hands clawed at his hair. He grinned into the kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth as he backed her to the wall, she needed this, she needed a guilt free excuse, for now.

He lifted her, fitting himself into her core and grinding his hard cock against her as she wrapped her legs round his waist. He released her mouth as he kissed down her neck, one hand going to her top and coat as he stripped them from her, her nimble hand helping him, he grinned at her black lace bra which lovingly caressed her over spilling breasts and roughly pulled it down, freeing her breast from the cups as his mouth latched onto a hard nipple.

Imogen began to moan and move against Arak as sucked on a nipple, his finger and thumb pulling and rolling its mate before swapping sides, she ground herself against him, he felt so hard and huge he was right she needed this. She needed his cock and she had every intention of tasting it this time. Her hand moved to his shirt trying to open it and giving up just ripping open the front and dragging his face back up to kiss her so she could feel his chest rubbing against her overly sensitised nipples, she gasped as his mouth took control of the kiss and his hand unhooked he legs, setting her back down on the floor. Opening her eyes in confusion as he broke off the kiss only to see him drop to the floor and pull off her boots and leggings.

“One day baby I will fuck you like this with your shoes on, with those fuck me heels digging into my ass as I pound into you,” Arak’s head disappeared under her short skirt and she felt his tongue against her clit, she widened her legs to give him more access and grinned as he laughed against her clit, he began to lap at it with the flat of his tongue, a slow torturous rhythm which had Imogen riding his face, she gasped and moaned as the pressure built only to have him pull back and start again. “Bastard” she screamed, he hands pulling his hair, only to have him chuckle and start again, she was a quivering wreck, the fucking bastard wouldn’t let her come, taking her to the edge of the cliff only to pull her to safety.

Arak reached down and opened his pants, pulling himself free and taking himself in hand, pumping to the rhythm his tongue was creating, Imogen was writing against his face, her thighs were quivering, she was so close.

Imogen though she was going to die if she didn’t come soon, so close, so close and then he stopped! Imogen screamed in frustration as Arak stood suddenly lifting Imogen and pulling her roughly down on his hard cock as she wrapped her legs round him. “Harder” she panted as Arak pushed her against the wall and pounded into her, angling his thrusts to hit her clit and rub against her sweet spot. Her legs crossed, her heels digging into his ass as she tried to get him closer, she closed her eyes so tightly she began to see stars, her breath coming in choppy short pants as he finally pushed them both off the cliff. Imogen opened her mouth and screamed as Arak roared in her ear, her pulsating sheath milking him for all he had; he filled her so much she could feel it spurting inside her. She pulled Arak’s face to hers and kissed him sweetly, rubbing his tongue with hers, smiling she pulled back.

“Well, that was some greeting!”

Imogen squeaked at the sound of the strange voice, Arak’s head dropped to her shoulder allowing her to see the couple standing in the hall watching them. Maggie had a look of shock on her face as Loki just grinned lasciviously at her.

“For fuck’s sake Loki, can you give us a minute,” Arak groaned.

Loki and Maggie

Saturday, 20 February 2010

HIGH and WET! Highlanders on a Saturday!

Friday's fight night will be HIGHLANDERS! Technically Adam Black is not a highlander, but his book is part of Karen Marie Monings Highlander series.

So on one corner we have Adam Black, in the other Dageus MacKeltar. So to help you out with the vote, here are some sexy extracts from their novels.


It wasn't just what he looked like, with his sculpted body, skin poured like gold velvet over steel, chiseled features, and silky black hair. Or that lazy, utterly arrogant smile that promised a woman paradise. And delivered.
One hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed.
It wasn't even the exotic golden eyes fringed by thick black lashes beneath slanted brows. It was what he did to her. He was sex like she'd never had in her life, and Katherine had been having sex for seventeen years. She thought she'd seen it all. But when Dageus MacKeltar touched her, she came apart at the seams. Aloof, his every movement smoothly controlled, when he stripped off his clothing he stripped off every ounce of that rigid discipline and turned into an untamed barbarian. He fucked with the single-minded intensity of a man on death row, execution at dawn.
Just thinking about him made places low in her belly clench. Made her skin feel stretched too tight across her bones. Made her breath come short and sharp.
Now, standing in the anteroom outside the enameled French doors of his exquisite Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park that fit him like a second skin--starkly elegant, black, white, chrome, and hard--she felt intensely alive, every nerve wired. Drawing a deep breath, she turned the handle and pushed open the door.
It was never locked. As if he feared nothing forty-three floors above the flash and razor edges of the city. As if he'd seen the worst the Big Apple had to offer and found it all mildly amusing. As if the city might be big and bad, but he was bigger and badder. She stepped inside, inhaling the rich scent of sandal-wood and roses. Classical music spilled through the luxurious rooms--Mozart's Requiem-- but she knew that later he might play Nine Inch Nails and stretch her
naked body against the wall of windows that overlooked the Conservatory Water, driving into her until she screamed her release to the bright city lights below. Sixty feet of coveted Fifth Avenue frontage in the East 70s--and she had no idea what he did for a living. Most of the time she wasn't certain she wanted to know.

She pushed the doors shut behind her and allowed the buttery-soft folds of her leather coat to spill to the floor, revealing black lace-topped thighhighs, matching panties, and a sheer push-up bra that presented her full breasts to perfection. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the darkened windows and smiled. At thirty-three, Katherine O'Malley looked good. She should look good, she thought, arching a brow, as much exercise as she'd been getting in his bed. Or on the floor. Sprawled across the leather sofa. In his black marble Jacuzzi...
A wave of lust made her dizzy, and she breathed deeply to slow her pounding heart. She felt insatiable around him. A time or two she'd briefly entertained the outrageous thought that he might not be human. That maybe he was some mythical sex god, perhaps Priapus beckoned by the needy inhabitants of the city that never slept. Or some creature of long-forgotten lore, a Sidhe that had the ability to heighten pleasure to extremes mortals weren't meant to taste.

"Katie-lass." His voice floated down from the top floor of the fifteenroom duplex, dark and rich, his Scottish accent making her think of peat smoke, ancient stones, and aged whisky. Only Dageus MacKeltar could get away with calling Katherine O'Malley "Katie-lass."

As he descended the curving staircase and entered the thirty-foot living room with its vaulted ceilings, marble fireplace, and panoramic view of the park, she remained motionless, drinking him in. He wore black linen trousers, and she knew there would be nothing beneath them but the most perfect male body she'd ever seen. Her gaze drifted over his wide shoulders, down his hard chest and his rippling abs, lingering on the twin ropes of muscle that cut his lower stomach and disappeared into his pants, beckoning the eye to follow.

"Good enough to eat?" His golden eyes glittered as they raked her body. "Come." He extended his hand. "Lass, you take my breath away. Your wish is my command this eve. You have only to tell me." His long midnight hair, so black it seemed as blue black as his shadow beard in the amber glow of recessed lights, spilled over one muscled shoulder, falling to his waist, and she sucked in a quick breath. She knew the feel of it sweeping her bare breasts, abrading her nipples, falling lower, across her thighs as he brought her to peak after shuddering peak.

"As if I need to say anything. You know what I want before I know myself." She heard the edge in her voice, knew he heard it too. It unnerved her how well he understood her. Before she knew what she wanted, he was giving it to her.
It made him dangerously addictive.
He smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. She wasn't certain she'd ever seen it reach his eyes. They never changed, merely observed and waited. Like a tiger's golden eyes, his were watchful yet aloof, amused yet detached. Hungry eyes. Predator eyes. More than once she'd wanted to ask what those tiger-eyes saw. What judgment they passed, what the hell he seemed to be waiting for, but in the bliss of his hard body against hers she forgot time and again, until she was back at work and it was too late to ask.

She'd been sleeping with him for two months, and knew no more about him now than the day she'd met him in Starbucks, across the street from O'Leary Banks and O'Malley, where she was a partner, thanks partly to her father, the senior O'Malley, and partly to her own ruthlessness. One look at the six foot four, darkly seductive man over the rim of her cafe au
lait and she'd known she had to have him. It might have had something to do with the way he'd locked eyes with her as he'd lazily licked whipped cream off his mocha, making her imagine that sexy tongue doing far more intimate things. It might have had something to do with the pure sexual heat he gave off. She knew it had a great deal to do with the danger that rolled off him. Some days she wondered if she'd be defending him as one of her controversial high-profile clients in the months or years to come.

That same day they'd met, they'd rolled across his white Berber carpet, from fireplace to windows, wrestling silently for the supreme position, until she'd no longer cared how he'd taken her, so long as he had. With a reputation for a razor-sharp tongue and the mind to back it up, she'd never once turned it on him. She had no idea how he maintained his lavish lifestyle, how he afforded his obscenely expensive collections of art and ancient weapons. She didn't know where he'd been born, or even when his birthday was.

At work, she'd mentally prepare her interrogatory, but inevitably the probing questions stalled on her tongue the moment she saw him. She, the merciless interrogator in a courtroom, tongue-tied in his bedroom. On occasion, tied in infinitely more pleasurable ways. The man was a true master of the erotic.

"Woolgatherin', lass? Or merely deciding how you want me?" he purred.
Katherine wet her lips. How she wanted him?
She wanted him out of her system. Kept hoping the next time she slept with him, the sex might not be so mind-blowing. The man was far too dangerous to get involved with emotionally. Just yesterday she'd lingered at Mass, praying that she would get over her addiction to him--please, God, soon. Yes, he heated her blood, but there was something about him that chilled her soul. In the meantime--hopelessly fascinated as she was--she knew exactly
how she would have him. A strong woman, she was aroused by the strength of a dominant man. She would end the night sprawled over his leather sofa. He would fist his hand in her long hair, drive into her from behind. He would bite the nape of her neck when she came.
She inhaled sharply, took one step forward, and he was on her, dragging her down to the thick carpet. Firm lips, sensual, with a hint of cruelty, closed over hers as he kissed her, golden eyes narrowing. There was something about him that bordered on terrifying, she thought as he pinned her hands to the floor and rose over her, too beautiful, rife with dark secrets she suspected no woman should ever know--and it made the sex so much more exquisite, that fine edge of danger.
It was her last coherent thought for a long, long time.

from The Dark Highlander by KM Moning


He made an edgy sound that was so animalistic and full of sexual hunger that her knees nearly buckled, and she swayed for a moment. His grip tightened on her breasts, causing her to draw in a long ragged inhalation, but he didn't offer her the full support of his body; he still kept himself, from the waist down, that slight, provocative distance away. "You have beautiful breasts, ka-lyrra. I've been wanting to fill my hands up with these since the moment I saw you. Plump and full and soft and..." he trailed off with a little purring noise deep in his throat.

Gabby closed her eyes; her breasts felt tight in his hands, swelling from his touch. His unshaven jaw rasped against her hair, then against her cheek as he nudged aside her hair. The sleek wet heat of his tongue traced a velvety trail down the side of her neck, sending shivers of sensual delight skittering up her spine. She was going to pull away, to stop him.
Any minute now...

"Did you never fantasize about us? Tell me you didn't. Say. 'No. Adam. I never even thought about it once.' " He laughed huskily, wickedly, as if endlessly amused by the thought, his thumbs tracing light circles on her breasts, just beneath her nipples, on the soft underside where she was so sensitive. Her nipples were so hard they were poking through both her bra
and her shirt, hungry for touch. He closed his fingers on the puckered peaks at the precise moment that he bit down on the nape of her neck, and she clenched her teeth to keep from crying out. He knew, damn him, he knew. Her secret fantasies, the inner, eternal battle she waged. He knew all about it.

"Why so quiet? Why won't you say it, Gabrielle?" A pause. "Because you did think it. Many times." A sleek glide of his tongue down her neck. Another gentle nip on the tender, sensitive cord that ran from her neck to her shoulder, making her whole body shiver with desire. A delicious light pinch on her nipples. "Is it so hard to admit? I know you did. You wondered what it would be like for one of us to take you to bed. To strip you naked and make you come so many times that you couldn't even move. To give you so much pleasure that it left you limp and exhausted, unable to do anything but lay there while your Fae lover fed you from his
hands, tended you, and rebuilt your strength so he could do it to you again and again. So he could ride you slow and deep, take you fast and hard from behind. So he could lift you astride him and feel you shudder on top of him when you came. So he could lick and taste and kiss every inch of your body until nothing else existed, until all else ceased to matter but what he was doing to you, the completion only he could give you."

She was panting softly. Damn him. She'd imagined all those things and more. And his words were painting much too vivid pictures in her mind's eye: Adam doing all those things to her. Being lifted astride him; on her hands and knees for him as he thrust into her from behind...
God, she thought feverishly, had she always been picturing him? Try though she might, she couldn't recall the face of the dream prince that she'd so lovingly detailed in her teen fantasies. Either he'd blasted it right out of her memories, replacing her imaginary lover with his dark eyes, his hard body, his seductive voice and devastating touch, or it had always been him. Pull away, O'Callaghan, you know this will get you nothing but screwed— and not just physically, the inner, very faint voice of reason warned. Right, in just a minute...

"You fantasized," he continued, his voice low and hypnotic.

From The Immortal Highlander by KM Moning

Now ladies, don't forget to pick you man and vote!

Friday, 19 February 2010

JM+Qhuinn+oil=FIGHT NIGHT!

"Roll up, roll up and welcome to fight night ladies! This is the one a lot of you have been waiting for, those of you who have opted for the vibrating chairs make sure you are securly strapped in. Now for this evening's main attraction.... innnn the red corner the sexy silent and deadly John Matthew! Innnn the blue corner the rebellious sexy and growly Qhuinn. Now gents you will notice that all you are wearing tonight are robes, that is because you are wresting naked. Lets not beat about any bushes, we want to see muscular glistening bodies rubbing together. So off with the robes, Sagi and Pixiedust won the raffle and are here to oil you up. So ladies, warm the oil on your hands and get rubbing!

"What was that Bear? Can you rub too? Ok but no biting bums understood! Legz u got the camera? Cool, get snapping. Ladies, the flashes are blinding me, Bear! I was talking about camera flashes not FLASHERS there was no need to flash me. I do apologise, you were flashing them. We must add knickers to your shopping list.

"Ooooo they are all shiny and glistening, ladies you have additional baby oil pistols strapped to the side of your chairs. Now gents we want a good 'durty' fight, lots of straddling, rolling and rubbing. If you don't I am sending Bear and Jaymzangel in to fight over you. Understood?

"After 3 fight...1.....2....3....FIGHT! Normally Qhuinn is there to protect JM but tonight ladies in our little fantasy bubble all bets are off and he is taking advantage of this tackling JM and trying to wrestle him to the ground, JM as hold of him too and they are both bending.... ummm..... Legs I hope you got a shot of that, I need my fan. Wow that even silenced Bear, she is just salivating now and holding Jaymzangels hands.

"Some of the ladies have remembered their pistols after that view and are firing at them, waiting for them to slip and.... there they go, Qhuinn goes first and JM impacts landing on top of him. The ladies cheer! They are rolling and trying to buck each other off. JM is on top and landing some good punches, Qhuinn rears up from underneath and flips JM, pinning him under him and... ummm.... things seem to be getting a bit heated.

"Qhuinn as you are on top, I declare you the winner, Bear, Jaymzangel try not to trample JM as you take Qhuinn away to clean him up. As for JM, you are mine, I always did like the strong silent type! See you next week ladies! Minx out!"

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday- Meet Arak!


“Fucking succubae,” Arak growled as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and trudged down an icy Chicago street, “It’s fucking freezing and I could be on a fucking beach somewhere, Dragan you owe me, you fucking bastard.” All berserkers had been set from Asgard to Earth to hunt down the band of succubae who were stealing the souls of the valiant, souls Odin had already claimed. He didn't want to be here, other than the fact he hated Odin, his excuse being that most sons hate their father at some point, Dragan knew how Arak hated the cold and sent him to Chicago in February; “Sadistic Bastard,” he muttered as he made his way down the busy street causing people to turn and look at him. He never noticed as he ploughed through them, but a 6’5’’ and an expression like thunder, most people moved out of his way.

“Fucking Starbucks”, he groaned “next thing they will expand to Asgard, shit.” He looked around, all he wanted was a quiet cup of coffee somewhere where he wouldn’t be asked a million questions about syrups and what the fuck was venti anyway, what was wrong with large? As he turned the corner the wind whipped up around his face and that was when he smelt it. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls. “Perhaps today won’t be a total loss” he said as he set off after the scent; he found it’s source two streets later, a small bakery, with its own small coffee shop.

Pushing open the door Arak bustled inside stamping his feet to bring blood to the frozen blocks before marching to the counter. “Large black coffee and 3 cinnamon rolls” he ordered, the woman behind the counter nodded asking Arak to take a seat. The cafe was all but empty and he found a comfortable looking sofa in a corner to sit on, it gave him a clear view of the door and the windows. Digging in his jacked he dragged out his phone and wallet, throwing some money onto the table before dialling Dray’s number. Straight to voicemail, great, “Stop fucking around you bastard and get me out of here, there is nothing going down in Chicago, trust me, nothing, my balls are so blue they are gonna drop off. Ring me back” he barked before hanging up. He’d been in this frozen hell hole a week and seen no sign of any succubae. The future valiant souls in the city were all safe and well, no life force had been sucked from them. “Loki if this is your idea of a twisted joke I promise I will unscrew your nuts from the inside”, a noise in front of him made him look up. The sight which greeted him made him smile but also sit back in shock.

Life as a berserker had trained him to recognise a ‘wench’ when faced with one, wenches were born in Asgard and were there to serve the berserkers, not just with wine but also with sex. After puberty they were given the choice of life with the Gods or life on Earth, most chose to stay but a small percentage left for a wealthy and exciting life on earth, he had never come across one as a waitress. Not only that; a waitress who was one step away from death. His divine father had not given him much but one gift Odin had passed onto Arak was the ability to sense a person’s soul and their life force, and hers was almost gone, stolen.

Fuck me, he thought, Chicago doesn’t have a succubus problem, they have an infestation of incubi. Shit, he had no problem with succubae, hell they were a bloody good fuck and incubi always paid for their own share of drinks, but they usually fed sparingly, shared it around. But now a group of them had broken away and were targeting claimed souls. Visiting them again and again, stealing their lives and with one last great fuck, damning them forever. Arak looked at her; she was perhaps one fuck away from death and damnation. “Thank you” Arak said as she put the coffee and the plate on the low table, allowing a good look down her top.

She looked up and caught his smiling, her expression clearly said, ‘you are a pig’ even though her lips smiled and said “you’re welcome.” Picking up the money Imogen turned to go to the till and make change for the man in front of her, sexy, yes, tall yes, handsome, yes, but still a pig.

“Wait,” Arak said as she turned to go.

“Yes sir, is there anything else I can get for you?” Imogen asked, a smile plastered on her face.

“How long since you left Asgard?”

“Who are you?” Imogen demanded her voice quiet yet steely, she looked around to see how many people might have heard but it was nearly the end of the day and they were not far from locking up. The last couple were just leaving as Maggie smiled at Imogen and nodded towards the back room. “Wait there!” Imogen grated through clenched teeth before walking over to Maggie.

Where the fuck does she think I am going to go? Arak thought as he wolfed his way through the cinnamon rolls and began to drink his coffee.

“You going to be ok on your own Imi?” Maggie asked as Imogen approached her.

Imogen smiled, Maggie had taken her in 3 years ago when her life had hit the skids, originally they had been neighbours and then friends. When Imogen had lost everything Maggie had given her a job and a roof over her head.

“Yeah Mags, I’ll be fine, it’s my turn to lock up, you empty the till and bank it. I’ll stay here with him and lock up when he goes. It will be fine.” She smiled, knowing a smile was needed to convince her friend. “Go! You have a date. Go!”

Maggie smiled “You are the best,” hugging Imogen, “I’ll make it up to you,”

“Just promise me you’ll get laid, then you might be able to crack a smile in the morning,” both women laughed as Maggie stuffed the takings in her purse and passed the keys to Imogen. “Have fun,” Imogen wished her as she locked her out of the store. She then turned to face him. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“Arak, berserker, and you are a wench.”

“No, I may have been born a wench but I chose to live here, to give up that life, so get the fuck out of my shop,” she shouted.

Arak drained his coffee, “I leave now and you die.” He’d expected shock but all that crossed her face was fury, so the bunny has bite after all, I think I could get to like this, he grinned up at her and tried not to laugh as her expression became even more thunderous, but Arak laughed in the face of thunder, he laughed at Odin often enough.

“How dare you threaten me, you... you... you bastard!” she shouted.

“Yeah, dad knocked up Mommy dearest when he was married to another, but old Odin does what he likes, so I guess that makes me a bastard; but I’m not threatening you baby, I am telling the truth. Whoever you have been grinding for the last few weeks is an incubus and you are one more orgasm away from death and damnation.” Arak stood up quickly as he watched Imogen’s legs crumple under her; he tried to catch her but caught a foot on the coffee table and ended up falling on her. Before she managed to push him off he felt firm breasts, small waist and hips designed for a man to hold onto while he rode her to ecstasy.

“Fucking bastard.” Imogen screamed as she pushed at him, scrambling out from under him but remaining on the floor. “You lie,” she accused, but deep down something told her she was telling the truth, she had been off colour recently, very tired, forgetful, achy. But Drew, an incubi?

“Trust me baby, I didn’t get much from Dad but I did get the ability to see souls and life force and yours has been systematically ripped from you.” Arak stood and bent to pick her up off the floor only to be hit. “Prickly little bitch aren’t you.”

“What do you expect you turn up and tell me I am being slowly murdered by my boyfriend, why the fuck should I believe you!” Imogen turned to face him, her chin defiant, her chest heaving with anger and even though she was almost a foot shorter than him she would not be cowed by him.

“What is your name?”

“My name?”

“Yes you know, that thing people call you, I am assuming they don’t shout bitch.”

“Funny! Imogen, but most people call me Imi.”

“Well Imogen, let me guess how this all started, he approached you a few weeks ago, somewhere public, not a bar, a park, no the grocery store! I knew it,” he shouted as Imogen’s mouth opened in shock, “he asked you for a drink or a coffee, you went, you dreamed about him during a very restless sleep, he rang the next day asked for a date, you went, a little under the jumper action and another wet dream, Next time was dinner then fucking like bunnies and you have been at it ever since. But this last week, you have been tired; the erotic dreams of him are beginning to get scary like he is taking your soul. Why? Because he fucking is.” Arak growled, she looked so crumpled and yet so defiant. He was beginning to like this bit of fluff. “And there is only one way you can be saved.”

He was right, every part of it, Drew, the dreams, his stamina, she’d never come so hard since, well ever, and the dreams were scaring her now, they hurt, physically hurt. “How?”

“How?” he repeated, he was surprised she didn’t go down the why me route most women would have, even her 'how' demanded an answer, it was no meek defensive whisper. He’d enjoy making her scream in pleasure. “Sex with me of course.”

“Fuck off,” Imogen turned to go and found herself dragged back to him.

“Baby, I am your only fucking hope, get a berserker wound up enough and the only way they can release that pressure is through rage or sex. Rage, power streams out of us, but in sex we expel that power as excess life force. My semen can save you, how fucking ironic is that, almost fucked to death and I’ll fuck you back to life.” He began to laugh until he felt a hand slap his face. “Bitch” he said gently grabbing her wrist.

“Bastard, I don’t like you or trust you, why would I fuck you!”

“Yeah, I thought we’d established that I was a bastard and you were a bitch, and Imi, you don’t have to like someone to fuck them. Trust me on that,” he said as he dragged her body up against him, “I don’t like you much at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from being turned on, or from wanting to push you against that counter and plough into you.”

“Ugh” Imogen said as she tried to pull away but he only pulled her closer, she could feel his erect cock pushing against her stomach, “let me go.”

“Fine” Arak said as he released her, “but this is your one and only chance, once I go through that door I am gone, and all you will be left with is him.” Arak headed for the door only to stop when he heard her voice, so quiet that he almost missed it.

“I don’t want to die.”

“And you won’t have to baby,” he said as he turned the lights off inside the shop, the only illumination now came from the streetlights outside, but he had perfect night vision, he could see her chest heaving, the pulse in her neck fluttering from both fear and desire. He stalked towards her.

“I still don’t like you, I am only doing this because I have to,” Imogen stated.

“Yeah baby, you keep telling yourself that,” he laughed before he hauled her against him and his mouth descended to capture hers. Arak shrugged out of his jacket and began to open his shirt with one hand, whilst his other hand held her chin as his tongue stroked hers. Imogen pulled back and moved towards the back room, “here,” Arak said.


“Here and now, I am going to bend you over that counter baby I already told you that,” Arak threw his shirt on the floor and undid the top button of his jeans before pulling off his boots.

“But the window,” Imogen said, pointing.

“Imi, you are in a quiet side street and it is lighter out there than it is in here. The only person who might see is your incubus boyfriend across the street.”

Imogen turned to the window to see Drew across the street watching them. Part of her wanted to run across and scream at him, to stick her fingers in the air, but, and she hated to admit it, Arak was right, there was one way of making him get the message. She smiled sweetly and began to strip. Her top and bra first and then her boots, leggings and skirt.

“Leave the thong,” Arak growled as he stepped out of his jeans, “I want to rip it off you. Now sit up on that counter and let’s give him a show.”

Imogen couldn’t help but smile, she didn’t know why she was, Arak was a bastard and she’d just met him, now she was about to fuck him on the counter of her friends shop whilst being watched from across the road by her killer boyfriend. Not the day she’d expected when she got up this morning. “Make me scream.” She ordered as she hopped on the counter and opened her legs.

“Baby, you’ll wake the fucking dead.” He promised as he ripped her thong off with a flourish, throwing it behind him, Imogen hooked her legs over her shoulders, he bent his head and began to feast.

God she tasted sweet, fresh and womanly, if they’d had more time he would use more finesse but with the incubus watching their time was limited and her life still in danger, he had to give her some life before he got her to safety and reported what was going on here. Her legs gripped his ears as he licked and sucked, he laughed against her as his tongue slipped through her folds circling the entrance to her pussy before heading back to suck her clit, gently worrying it with his teeth before sucking into the cavern of his mouth.

God he was good! Imogen leaned back her hands behind her on the counter, thrusting her breasts out as she struggled for breath, her eyes closed as she began to moan. He was quick, she had to admit he aroused her, she was already wet as she was undressing, but this, she almost lifted off the counter as he inserted 2 long fingers and massaged her sweet spot. She felt her orgasm coming like a steam train and there was no way to stop it. Chest heaving, legs quivering she opened her eyes and looked directly at Drew who still watched them and screamed.

“Good girl, you make sure he understands you are no longer his.” Arak kissed her mound and smiled at landing strip of hair. In Asgard wenches were hair free but he liked this, an arrow to guide a man to treasure. He lifted her off the counter, “turn and face the counter and brace your hands against it,” his voice was low and gravelly; he was so hard it wasn’t going to take much, but he would take her with him. Arak kicked her legs wider apart and gripped her hips, turning and looking over his shoulder grinning at the man watching them as he thrust into Imogen, “fuck baby, he must have been a young one because you are so fucking tight,” at 6’5’’ everything about Arak was large but she fit him, tight like a well fitting glove. Hard deep thrusts, his balls slapping against her, he hooked one of her legs on his arm lifting it causing Imogen to gasp, changing his angle to rub against that spot inside her. With his other hand he reached round to tease and tug her nipples, “play with your clit baby,” he ordered. He smiled as one of her hands left the counter and began to rub and circle her clit.

Imogen was finding it hard to breath, the pressure building inside her, she may not like him, but he felt like heaven. “Harder “she moaned.

“Greedy little baby aren’t you,” Arak growled as he pounded harder into her, he was so close, he could feel that tingle at the base of his spine, he wasn’t going to last. Taking his hand from her breast he moved it to her clit taking over the job as she braced her hands and pushed back against him, nipping her clit she screamed, contracting around him, milking him as shot inside her; roaring to the heavens as he fed her life force.

His heart rate began to slow and his withdrew from her, grinning at the noise it made. “A few more rounds like that baby and you will be fine,” he slapped her ass and turned to grin at the man outside.

“Is he still there?” Imogen asked.


Imogen turned, her heart still hammering; their combined juiced seeping down the tops of her legs. She stood in front of Arak and took his hand, stroking it down her body until they reached her cleft, all the time looking at Drew. She laughed and stopped as he turned and walked away. Arak’s hand returned to her clit and continued to stroke, she let her head lean back against his shoulder. She hoped Maggie was getting some too. “Maggie!” she shouted as realisation hit, moving away from a confused Arak. “Maggie! My friend Maggie, who was here before, she is out on a date with one of Drew’s friends we must save her!” she shouted as she threw Arak’s clothes at him.

Arak looked down at his cock who was again looking back at him, I hate fucking blue balls. “You’d better fucking make this worth it,” he growled as he put on his jeans.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Menage et tois! Arcady, Ben and Kael interviewed

You met them last week ladies as part of out Eververse Saturday, the boys were so excited by the attention, we were granted an interview! This is how it went!

Minx: What do you notice first in a woman ?

Arcady: It varies. If Im all topped up its eyes, I got a thing for eyes… if Im jonesin for a fix, then I just let my Incubus senses out to play and see who has sex wafting off their aura. ::smiles::

Ben: her ring finger. If theres nothing circling it… ::WINK::

Kael: Laughs. I like a womans laugh. If shes got one of those guy laughs it’s a dealbreaker.
Minx: Tits...ass...legs...which do you prefer?
Arcady: Can I say hips? I like a nice set of hips to hold onto.

Ben: Hips are good… but I like Lips better.

Kael: Im a leg man… longer the better in my eyes.

Minx: Do they like women to be smart or have a smart mouth?

Arcady: Both… You gotta be able to spar with me, dumb girls are only good for one thing… and even then they aren’t that good.

Ben: Stupid women aren’t worth my time.

Kael: Agreed. Smart well read women are extremely sexy.

Bear: How do you feel about the Sister's Price writing about your lives?
Arcady: Actually I love Stella and Aud, very much infact. They brought me from utter obscurity, its been pretty fucking cool.

Ben: I think they were the right ones, and Drake and Murphy speak highly of them, so it was logical.

Kael: They are good girls, and they get me seamkonkies…

Minx: What's your favourite city?

Bear: Is that your subtle way of asking them to come to the UK ?

Minx: might be *blushes*

Arcady: Actually a few of us like Edinburgh a lot.

Ben: Im a big fan of Cairo.

Kael: hmmm… Im not a city kinda guy, I like the water much better.

Minx: Describe yourself in 5 words

Bear: *Mutters under breath:!*
Minx: I can give you an example if you're stuck *winks*

Arcady: ::Smiles:: Well by all means ladies… we would love some examples…

Minx: How about, tall, sexy, sulty, hansome, intense and erotic?

Bear : if you could change species for a day, would you and what would you become?

Arcady: Hell no. Nothing better then being an Incubus, plus, technically im a double threat, with all the psychic shit.

Ben: Well Im the best of both worlds, a Satyr with the strength and power of a demon.

Kael: I love being a dragon, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bear : Is there anyone you wouldn't let your lady tumble with ?

Arcady: If she wanted to, who am I to say no? Seriously… You will learn Im not really into the whole monogamy thing, I mean our bodies are temples, and there should be worship 6 times a day, on your fucking knees. ::WINK::

Ben: Mina can do anything that is mutually beneficial to our pleasure.

Kael: Bryn isn’t into anyone else. Dragon Mates don’t share.

Minx: anyone you would like to tumble with on a free pass ?

Arcady: Again, it works both ways. Im never jealous.

Ben: I can do anyone I want… And I know you chicks fancy a go…

*Bear whispers to Minx who nods*

Kael: Been there done that. Im a very old and very sexually used dragon. Nothing is better then sex with the one you love. I never understood the Demon’s way of being so free with their bodies…

Bear : Tell us one thing someone would be surprised to know about you ?

(Minx: Oh yes...Tell us a secret! )

Bear: I just asked that...but in a polite non nosey way Minxy!

Minx: What can I say, I am a Minx, I need to know Minxy things *poskes out tongue*

Arcady: ::LAUGHS:: Hmmm… Well its not a sexy secret, but Im really good with numbers, If I wasn’t a hitman, I would be a daytrader on the NYSE probably.

Ben: Secret? Fuck I don’t think I have any…

Kael: I like Opera… and Sometimes I sing..

Minx: OOO, that sounds fun Kael, we'd love to hear it some time, now our readers and us *grins sweetly and leans forward* want to know about your favourite things, so what is your favourite.... *reads off list* food, drink, colour and sexual position?

Arcady: ::Shakes his head:: ooh lets see… Food:Sushi, Drink:Tequila, Color:Green, and Sexual position: Big fan of reverse cowgirl ::WINK::

Ben: I’m not even going to fuck with the other shit, you sexy bitches just wanna know my favorite position, and I enjoy fucking from behind… with the chicks leg up on a counter. Picture it.

Kael: I have always been partial to missionary, only its gotta be at a deep depth.

*Minx passes note to Bear, good thing we are flexible*

Bear: We know you like collars *glances to Ben* but what other toys do you prefer?
Minx: oooo yes tell us, you never know we may stock it

Bear: You actually need MORE Minx?

Minx: you are right I do
I must visit Ann Summers on my way home!

Ben: You know Drake’s chickie like lives at Ann Summers? I swear she owns stock. I’m a collar kinda guy, I’m not a big fan of aids, ::LAUGHS::

Arcady: I’m not a huge fan of toys either, though I do love a good blindfold.

Kael: I’m the really vanilla one of all of us…

Minx: Nothing wrong with vanilla, it's out favourite kind of icecream. If you had to rate yourself *bear coughs sausages* on a coffee scale would you say you were.... tall, grande or venti?

Arcady: You kidding? Fuck what guy is going to say tall? Seriously?

Ben: Im past venti darling…

Kael: ::BLINKS:: Coffee? Seriously?

Minx: Yip our readers like coffee and we were thinking full package girth and length, our research has show us girth is good. The ladies voted on it!

Bear: Ben you were the Gutter Girls first...eververse book, that is *Grins* Is there any advice you would like us to pass onto readers before they attack you, I mean your book?

Ben: Don’t expect a story with themes modern society is ok with. That and Enjoy the story for what it is… cuz its only going to get nastier as we go.

Minx: Who did you last snog?

Bear: *rolls eyes* you only said "Snog" so you'd have to demonstrate what it was!

Minx: like you don't want to!

Bear: would be the polite thing to do!

Arcady: Are you going to demonstrate on each other? I could be into that…

Ben: Yeah I’m with the Incubus on this one…

Kael: Me three…

Bear: I kissed a girl and I liked it
Minx: Is that when you tasted her cherry chapstick?
Bear: Yes, but no biting me this time
Minx: That wasn't me!
Bear: It wasn't?
Minx: No, remember I was the red lipstick stain
Bear: I remember! So who bit me?
Minx: I dunno, *whispers* if we say maybe next time, perhaps they will come back!
Bear: *nods* Maybe next time boys! *wink*
Thankies boys, this has been fun, but we also must thank Stella and Audra Price for allowing you to come out and play with us, I mean allow us to interview you.

Minx: *blows kisses*

Stella Price
Award winning best selling author can be found at

Dragon Fight Night!

"Evening ladies, I hope you all has a sexy little week, but thank crunchie it is Friday, speaking of crunchies I must add some to my grocery list and some smarties and oooo whipped cream! Sorry, was getting carried away there, but our fight night tonight is something worth getting carried away for! It is a Dragon Grudge Match! Well ok they are friends but after living together for centuries possibly a millenia they must have some niggles about who squeezes the tooth paste from the middle! Innn the red corner the firey, sultry and sexy Char! Oooo we have banners tonight wave your banners in the air ladies, no Bear I said banners not knickers! Innnn the blue corner we have the smooth, sensual and also sexy Kael! Yay we have an I love seamonkeys too banner! Wave those banners ladies, BANNERS Bear, BANNERS! Don't worry boys, I have a contigency plan, a vibrating chair, we just need to turn it on. Jaymzangel do you have the remote? See she is happy now, and remember ladies if anyone would like a vibrating chair just mention it to out doorman Rio on your way in, he would love to oblige you!

"Now Dragons, you will see you are dressed in loincloths and you are fighting, or rather wresling in mud tonight, this is special mud, provided by an earth dragon! So in you get and after 3 fight, remember we want to see lots of pounding, rubbing, rolling and straddling. Don't look at me like that, get in their and fight... 1...2....3.... FIGHT!

"And Char is off launching himself at Kael with brute force, I guess it is his firey nature but Kael is taking it all in his stride, he must have seen this move before because he shimmies out of the way, yes I said shimmied! Char seems enraged but this just seems in some way to amuse Kael, wow he really has chilled, get it, chilled hehe have you met his mate yet? Kael seems to think this is all amusing. Get on with it both of you, or I will release the Bear!

"Char is charing and slips, no sorry he was tripped, who poked that pole through the bars! He is up again and pulling Kael down with him, and he is not happy, punches are being thrown, now this is more like it, it is turning into a bar-room brawl! Half naked men in mud, mmmmm the only thing that could beat it is naked men, now Stella left me this wand, I wonder... if I wish really hard and wave the wand.... IT WORKED! No more loin cloths! Sagi grab the camera and take photos!

"The ladies are chanting fight, we have red banners being waved, we have seamonkey banners being waved, Bear is waving happily, and Jaymzangel is eyeing up Char, I think she is the owner of the big stick! What was that? Oh Char and Kael have big sticks, yes they do ladies this is true! They are rolling and pounding each other, Char has brute strength going for him, but Kael is crafty, what was that Jaymzangel? You have a candle in your room, that's nice. Char is on top, ow that must have hurt, Kael appears to be handy with knees, he is out from under Char and.... Kael what are you doing? He is opening that gate and letting Jaymzangel in who is dragon-napping Char! They have disappeared, no doubt to the candle in her room!

"Yes Kael brains have won over brute force, so yes you are the winner, ummm I have a fresh water pool near my room, I'll help you get cleaned up! Night ladies, see you next week! Minx out!"

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Smut Sunday is here again, and this week it's a short story co written by Jaymzangel && Sparklybearsy! Hope you all like.

The story written by Jay and Sparklybearsy was here...and now it's gone. Hope those of you who read it enjoyed it. It's departure will all be revealed in due course.

Eververse GIVEAWAY - WINNER!!!!

And the WINNER of an Eververse Ebook is............


Congratulations!! I will tag you on Twitter for your Email address =)

Thank you ALL for taking part.!


Sparklybearsy & Minx

Minxy Round Up of Eververse Saturday!

Thanks for being part of our Eververse day, I know we all had fun, I can stiil hear buzzing out there and Bear has been unusually quiet for a few hours!

If you have enjoyed the Eververse books there are a few ways you can go about getting them! (FREE BOOK ALERT COMING UP!)

All Romance Stocks a full range of their ebooks, if you click on the linky it will take you to their page. You will notice there is a range of FREE teaser ebooks from the Eververse, yes I said FREE! You just need to register with the site, which is a los a handy site for ebooks, I buy a lot from here!

Of Crimson and Collars (Ben's book) is available from Total-E-Bound Mmmm Saytrs!

Stella is giving away some books on her blog in 2 contests!

Firstly the Cast a book Contest to win a signed copy of Entwined by Fate and a fab candle! All you have to do is find sexy men to be characters in their books! RAWR! Click HERE for more details! Contest open until 25th Feb.

Second contest runs every Saturday and you have til tonight to enter! All you need to do is read a panty melting secen and comment suggesting a song to go with it! CLICK HERE for more details.

And finally! Our own Gutter Girls contest to win an Eververse book! Woot woot! All you need to do is CLICK HERE and tell us who has been your favourite Eververse male and why!

Don't forget.... today is Smut Sunday, post will be up this evening...

until then.... think smutty thoughts!

Minx over and out!

Eververse Men - Another slice of ARCADY!


You're Going to LOVE this fellow Gutter Girls - we have an EXCLUSIVE Arcady Excerpt for our last Eververse post of the day and it is freakin' smokin hot! Thank you to Stella and Audra Price for giving permission for us to use. Im so panting for the Incubus Arcady, he's definitely a keeper!



Sparklybearsy & Minxy.

Ok so back in the Day, Arcady had some issues getting a full feed in LA, apparently the women there are 90% frigid and 10% wildcats. It wsnt a good thing for an Incubus. So this is a little snippet of something he did to get a really positive feed...


Arcady walked out the hotel room quickly and quietly, the girl he had been entertaining well and passed out in the bed where he left her. He checked his watch and sighed. Have I really been here for twelve hours? Fuck this is just too much. He had picked the chit up at Haven, a popular spot for the young, decadent and trendy crowd of Los Angeles.

Their marathon sex session left him wanting, as the chit was nowhere near capable of giving a full feed, not with the way she held back. She was like all the rest, looking for the big fish, the guy that looked like he had money and did. A guy that could buy them everything, take care of them indefinitely, as if a man like that would be trolling for a woman at a nightclub. Few of that ilk ever slummed it up, and the fact that these girls all had the pretty woman syndrome going on didn’t escape him.

Not that it mattered to him. He was everything they wanted, and more… they didn’t call him Mr. Fantasy for nothing. The problem was, it was give and take. As an incubus, well he needed to feed, and when a woman held back like that…

Not that he didn’t rock her world. She went from frigid to cold in about 6 hours, but that paltry amount of energy wasn’t enough to sustain him the amount of time it took to get it. Fucking hell, this really isn’t worth it.

Sexual energy kept him going, kept his demon side sated and kept him young. It wasn’t such a bad trade off, being an incubus did have its advantages, and he didn’t have to sniff after people for their souls like the other demon races did, not to mention fucking wasn’t a hardship.

Women flocked to him, and he always had his pick of the crop so to speak, most of them fawning over his body, and charm and the “air of danger” that seemed to surround him. The chit he just left was no different, attracted to him and putting herself out there, but this time, as so many times before, he chose wrong. She was a promise of hot sweaty sex and a full feed as they made out in the club, but he got her back to the hotel room and naked, and the cold fish act set in. Some women were like that, and you could never tell these days who was looking for a keeper and who was the real McCoy.

Thoroughly disgusted with himself, he entered the elevator and shook his head. Check the messages, get a shower and grab a couple hours sleep. There better be a full feed waiting for me tonight, she was fucking hot, but that’s the last time I let my eyes pick for me... He always had a choice; use his demon senses or his human ones. Every time he used his human ones he came up short, but using the Incubus senses, ones that he could almost see the sex wafting off the girls aura, was an energy drain and gave him a monster headache, and that was when he was well fed and sated. He was not looking forward to doing anything like that on an “empty stomach” so to speak.

He made it to his car and out of the Plaza parking lot minutes later, roaring through the afternoon streets towards his parents’ house, the only place he stayed when he was in town.

Arcady showed up to his parents’ estate in Bel Air to a ton of cars in the driveway. He smirked and shook his head. Mom must be shooting today. He thought as he closed the door to his Mercedes and walked into the large double doors to complete pandemonium. His father was standing against a side wall talking to a production assistant while his mother was sitting in her chair getting new make up applied. The production assistant, a profession he deduced only because she was fresh faced and still had her clothes on and not a robe was cute, and his instincts screamed at him to show her up to his room and show her what it was to be in show business.

Not that he was into the porno scene, but growing in the industry, as his mom was one of the premier starlets taught him a thing or two about “breaking into the business.” His father was a director/producer and his mom, well she was the talent. Most people didn’t think this was the way for two children to grow up, but most people didn’t have an incubus for a father.

It was his dad’s way of being responsible, and as both his children followed in his footsteps, one an incubus and one a succubus, well sex was going to be a way of life. Making money off it just was a bonus.

Arcady had first realized what his parents did for a living when he and his twin sister Electra were sixteen. Before that, they thought Pete and Mandy were in movies, Pete as a producer and Mandy as a make up girl. It was the easiest way to shelter the kids, but they never hid the fact that they were incubus from them. For that, Arcady was grateful, though Electra came into her nature much earlier then Arcady, hence when they found out what mom and did for a living. It wasn’t perfect, and as Electra hit the demonic version of puberty, left him for a summer, came back a bombshell, Arcady was still the nerdy guy for another year.

Not that it mattered to him in the least. His life till he was seventeen was filled with math, numbers and school. When he did finally get the urge, he was sent to the succubus courts for training, and left a scant one hundred and thirty pounds, shy and awkward, and came back how he was now, perfect body, confident and sexy. He graduated from Beverly Hills High with honors and not a night alone.

Pete saw him come in and smiled motioning him over and Arcady went, his sights on the petite chit standing in front of his father. She was cute, from behind, a heart shaped ass in her black slacks, her tiny feet in clunky heels. People didn’t know that the Morrison’s were demons, let alone incubus royalty, so their handsome and very available son was always a constant topic. Arcady saw his father speaking to the chit and she smiled and blushed and he could only guess that his father was laying the groundwork for him, and that meant that the older and much more powerful incubus could tell that he was all but drained. Arcady longed for the day when he could feed from a distance like his father, and uncles.

“Arcady. Naomi this is my son Arcady.” His father looked at him and winked. Yeah, the old codger was setting him up, and he would have to thank him later if it panned out.

He smiled and shook her hand. Face to face she was every guy’s fantasy of the girl next door. Chestnut hair, big green eyes, a smattering of freckles across her nose and full lips made for sucking cock. Girls like this were what letters to penthouse were made of. Their unspoken wild natures hidden behind a veil of innocence…His mouth nearly watered to see if his assumptions were correct.

“Naomi? You know that is I moan backwards?” he asked a glint of mischief in his eye. The girl cocked her head and though a moment and then blushed.

“I guess it does.”

“So do you?” he asked his father moving off towards another one of his staff. He saw the living room set up and two other starlets, Jessica Frost and Maya Pierce standing in there with champagne in robes. Seemed his mom was doing a girl-girl movie. He smirked and shook his head and put his attention to the chit in front of him. He closed off his human self and let his demon side awaken, and he could feel and see the lust coming off the luscious little creature.

“Do I?” she asked, getting more confused by the moment.

He smiled. “Do you moan? You know, like your name says?”

She blushed and he took it as a yes, knew she would be a screamer more then a moaner just from her energies she was giving off. He looked over at his father who was standing a few feet from them, his eyes closed and sighing. He felt the energy and he opened his eyes and nodded to Arcady. That was all he needed.

“So? Do I get to find out? First hand?” He smiled and licked his lips, looking her up and down. Normally it wouldn’t be this easy, but the girl worked for a porn company. She was probably used to getting propositioned, though his father never did that with his employees, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

The girl swallowed and blushed harder, licking her lips. “Where?”

He smiled to himself. She didn’t question it, or get horrified at his forward behavior, she simply accepted it, and was eager. He grinned at her and snaked his arm around her back. “Did my parents give you a tour of the house?”

Getting the girl upstairs wasn’t hard, Arcady sent his father a mental message that he didn’t want to be disturbed, and that Naomi was going to be indisposed for the rest of the shooting day.

So now you can just ensconce my onsite assistants when you need a top up?

More then a top up Pop, that last one didn’t give off enough to satisfy the damn imps in the courts.

What have I told you Kid; it’s always the quiet ones. You’ll see. Enjoy her.

Damn right I will.

He mentally heard his father laugh and put his attention to the girl who was looking around his bedroom with calculated awe. She looked around, taking it all in, her eyes stopping on the king sized bed. He watched her tongue dart out and lick her lips and he moved up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, wasting no time. “So about that moaning.”

She giggled and turned kissing him and then looking at him. “I’m not in the habit of just sleeping with every hot guy I meet Arcady.” She said his name like it was a very naughty word indeed.

Arcady smirked and bent, kissing her soundly, her body fitting perfectly against his. “Naomi? You know I haven’t shown you the bathroom yet…” he turned her in his arms and walked them both over to the dark side door, the lights going on as he walked into the room. The black and silver veined marble, cut from the Afterverse quarry on the Incubus lands, shone brightly in the soft lights. The marble was the countertops and the floor, along with the large bathtub and shower stall that was their destination.

He let her go and she walked around, looking. “The marble is so pretty, unique. Leave it to Peter to have something like this in his house.” She said absently. Arcady watched her and shook his head.

“Yeah, Pete does have taste.”

“That tub is a veritable playground.”

“And that’s also true, though I think it will be our second stop today, maybe third.”

She looked at him and smiled, backing up to the wall. “Really, Arcady?”

“Well it all depends on you.” He went to her and kissed her again, his hands taking liberties he knew she wanted. He slipped his hands under her shirt and fingered the waistband of her slacks. “I think you need to get out of these clothes love.” He winked and she nodded, helping him out of his own as well. They were naked in seconds and as she oggled him, he turned and went to the shower stall turning on the water, the seven showerheads bursting to life. He stepped in and crooked his finger at her. Naomi giggled and came quickly, soaking under the spray of the hot water just as Arcady was soaping up.

They showered, touching and teasing, Arcady intent on milking every ounce of essence out of her when the time came. She was already hot, what person wasn’t on a porno set? Taking her to her limit was what it was all about, getting her body to that point of pure release, that was the only thing that would satisfy his gnawing hunger. With Naomi against the wall, her energy mounting, her little pants and cries fueling him as he teased her skin; he knew she was close to being ripe, ripe and ready for a full essence session.

He kissed her, lifting her from the floor as she wrapped her body around his, and he entered her, her gasp and purr as he did his reward. “Such a naughty girl Naomi… now how about that moaning….”

He worked her expertly, driving her just to the brink, nibbling on her neck and shoulders, her body thrumming with energy. She sobbed for him, arched and shuddered for him, finally moaning his name as she came for him, and he growled at her release, the pure joyous energy she expelled. His body drank her essence, took what she offered him for his attentions and he reveled in it. It was heady, and his conscious swam with it. Were he any less of an Incubus he would have lost his footing, dropped them both to the tile floor, but Arcady was the best pupil to come out of the succubus courts training since his father, and no matter how famished he was, he wasn’t going to disgrace himself. He was a royal incubus and he was going to act like one.

Naomi moaned again as he brought her a second time. Revitalized, his body pushing itself to the limits and back to its normal glory, he was unrelenting, taking her to new heights. No, now he could show her the good time her body was screaming for, up till this point it was all ‘textbook’.

“Now that’s a good girl, tell me, love, what’s your fantasy…”


And here endeth our Saturday Eververse Extravaganza! Thank you all for hanging out with us and getting to know the sexy boys of the Eververse. And a big big BIG thanks to Stella and Audra Price for letting us play with the boys. I dont know about you but this Gutter Girl has had FUN ;)

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Eververse Men - Sexy Dragon KAEL

Dragons NEVER used to flick my switch. Until i met Char and Kael. Now i want both the fire dragon and water dragon for my pets!  Here's a sexy snippet excerpt from DEEP WATER - Kaels story by Stella and Audra Price If you haven't read it already, you're going to love this Water Dragon.

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Sparklybearsy & Minxy



Flipping the cell back into his pocket he reached out with his senses and searched for his mate. With a smile he realized that she was in her soon to be vacated apartment and covered in running water, the shower no doubt. Chances were very good that he'd get to see the inside of the place after all.

He walked sharply in her direction following her location in his mind more than the actual path to her apartment. She felt good in his head a constant cool beacon calming and exciting at the same time. She was completely his and he was just as much hers. The knowledge didn’t frighten him as he'd thought it would so many years ago. Instead it reassured him like nothing else he'd ever experienced, she truly was his home. The other dragons would be amazed to see he'd taken a mate; the thought in itself was worth the act. She was an ice demon, the only one that could possibly have any power over him and he'd gone into it not only willingly but it had been his idea. He'd been right about the sex though, it was spectacular.

As if it had heard his thought his cock twitched, glad to be recognized, the damn thing was far to close to his brain sometimes. He opened the door to her apartment pleased to hear the shower still running. Silently he moved through the room discarding his clothes and sneaking into the bathroom and shower stall. He placed his hands on her hips pulling her back into him. "Need a hand?" He whispered into her ear.

At the feel of the cool hand on her mating mark, Bryn’s knees nearly buckled. The feeling of the water on the mark before this was highly erotic, like a demanding caress, and she had found herself leaning into the spray. With her lover’s hand on it, his voice in her ear, and his hard male body behind her, she whimpered, grinding her ass into his erection. "Ummm" she said and reached back, digging her nails into his flank. "Everything ok?"
"Yep, we're all set." He kissed over her neck towards her shoulder. "How did you get on with your boss?"
"Well he’s not my boss anymore, lecherous fuck that he is."
"Yeah? Do you want me to kill him?" He nibbled on her shoulder blades slipping his roughened hands down to her hips.

She moaned, the feeling of his touch on the already erogenous zone of her mark pooling heat low in her belly. She was aroused, considerably, and she knew it would only get more intense. "Umm, thanks for the option, but no, Karma will see to that."
"True, but we could always give karma a tiny push..." His hands slipped around from the tops of her thighs to the lower inside and up lightly grazing over her clit. "It’s just a thought, I trust your decision." He nibbled over her skin again his warm tongue darting out to lap off some of the water.
"Umm I’ll think on it. The water isn’t too cool for you is it?" she asked in a mere whisper, her body shuddering in his embrace.
"No it’s perfect; water at any temperature suits me."
"Good. I needed the coolness after that conversation."
"You are my mate. You realize that the thought of some human upsetting you is infuriating... if I was a fire dragon the whole resort would be in cinders by now. They have temper issues."
"Well then I’m glad I have you, my wonderful and intelligent water sign," she giggled and leaned back into him. "God, you know just how to touch me."

He chuckled into her skin. "That’s because I’m wonderful and intelligent."
"Can’t fault nature, that’s for damn sure. So what’s the plan, after we get out of this shower I mean?"
"We'll move your things to the boat, then dock it somewhere secure before going back to meet everyone."
"Where is the family Kael? You never said."
"England, on the west coast."
"England? Hmmm, never been there. I’m a U.K. virgin. How long will it take to get there?" she asked as she rubbed against him.

"Not long, we'll go the fast way. It should take us a few hours to get to the dock with the tides with us."
"Ummm and oh king of the seven seas, you’ll make sure the tides are with us won’t you?" she turned in his arms and kissed him. "Do you have any idea how turned on I am just standing under this spray with you?" Smirking he bent taking the back of her thighs and lifting her pressing her back against the ice cold tile. He ground himself into her. "More or less than now?" She sobbed and looked into is eyes, grinning. "Ummm more now... God that feels good. I think it’s quite fitting that my last hour here I break in the place," she giggled and kissed him wrapping her legs and arms around him. "Yeah I think that sounds about right." His tongue slid down to her breast and he sucked in a nipple nibbling on her.

Bryn arched, her nails digging into Kael’s shoulder as she did, the sweet moan escaping her lips filling the small space of the shower with a light echo. He felt so right, it felt right, his mouth on her skin, teasing and tempting, driving her passion higher. "Ummm, this is what I’m going to have to endure now all the time isn’t it? I might die from ecstasy."
"It is a possibility” he mused softly.
She giggled. "Then I’ll die happy that’s for damn sure."
"You'll be dying with me then."
She grinned at him, squeezing his hips with her thighs. "So are you going to take me dragon? Or
tease till I fall to my knees and slide you down my throat?"

"Mmmm." He nipped her nipple hard. "Both are very good ideas but..." He trailed off lifting her
higher and slipping her down him. Bryn’s body sang at the contact. Her mark pulsed the feeling reaching low into her belly, making everything clench. She gasped, her nipples tightening further if it was even possible, and she moaned his name. "Everything feels better when you’re finally inside me."
"You're my mate." He said as if it explained everything.
"Umm yes I am... I love you Kael," she whispered in his ear and kissed his shoulder as he rode her on the wall, even, long strokes that had her panting in no time. "I love you too." He gasped as she dug her nails into him.
She came for him seconds later, as if the double admission had triggered the event, the primal needs for her to show her love to him.

He kissed her possessively doubling his pace with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. The
sound of her flesh slapping against the wall echoed through the room. "Kael....oh gods baby harder..." she moaned and surrendered to all feeling screaming as she came yet again for him. Her body icing up. "Let it go love, let it all go..." He lifted her, angling her slightly, allowing him to pound deeper into
her. "I'm close... shit Bryn that’s it... let it all go."

The room grew cold as she did as her lover asked, the spray around them turning to little diamonds of ice, hanging in the air. She closed her eyes and felt it again that thick, crinkly feeling that would send her over the edge once more. "Fuck Kael!" she moaned and shivered, her body completely letting go. The room dropped another few degrees and she arched, her nipples frosting over.
Her orgasm triggered his as she felt him come an instant later, his grip on her tightened as her body milked him dry. She panted, smiling at him and kissed his lips, hers colder then his own. "Ummm. Kael you sure do know how to break in a room."
"And this is just the bathroom." He kissed her back still pressed to her.


RAWr! Isn't he YUM?! && Minxy...we can all hear that Buzzing! naughty! =D